MongoDB University offers free online courses to teach you how to build and deploy apps on MongoDB. Over 200,000 of your peers have already signed up. Jump in and get started.

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How Online Courses Work

Online courses run for 7 weeks. Each week we release pre-recorded lesson videos, quizzes and graded exercises on a key MongoDB subject. Expect approximately 2 hours of lessons per week delivered in a series of 3 to 5 minute videos. You may watch these videos at your own pace during the week, in the order you choose.

Homework is assigned in each week and should take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours to complete. At the end of 7 weeks, there is a final exam in the form of an extended problem set. Homework assignments account for one half of your grade and the final exam for the other half. Quizzes don’t count toward your grade; they are intended to help you check your own understanding of the course material.

Throughout the course, you may ask questions in the online discussion forums. Staff teaching assistants are always ready to help and other students regularly contribute answers.

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What is the cost of an online course?

MongoDB University courses are free.

What do I need to take a course?

You will need access to a computer and YouTube. A recent Windows, Mac OS or Linux based machine will work fine.

What do I receive for completing a course?

You will get a certificate of completion from MongoDB, Inc.

Do I need to be available during a certain hour of the day to watch course videos?

No. Each course is composed of pre-recorded lesson videos you may watch at any time during the run of the course. There are weekly deadlines for assignments.

How does the grading work?

You will receive a final grade but the grade won’t be on your certificate of completion. To receive a certificate of completion, you will need to achieve 65% on graded material. There are three different types of assessments within the course: quizzes, weekly assignments and a final exam/project. Quizzes don’t count toward your grade. Quizzes are intended to help you check your own understanding. The weekly assignments will comprise one half of your grade and the final exam/project one half of your grade. Most assignments will be due on Tuesdays. Each week we will release new video lectures and a new assignments. Unfortunately, due to the large number of students and in the interest of fairness, late assignments cannot be accepted.

Will I be able to get help?

Each course has an active online forum where students can help each other. In addition, the instructor(s), teaching assistants and other MongoDB employees will monitor the forums and try to help. Often the fastest answer comes from another student.