This is a free Blog about applied Data Science and Big Data Analytics. Our target group are Data Scientists and in Data Science interested people. As a Blog we are permanently looking for new Authors!

Everybody with knowledge of Data Science is welcome to join us. New Authors will bring new ideas and concepts to our Blog and will help us to avoid mistakes in our content. Beeing an Author of Data Science Blog is – of course – free of charge!

There are three options to join

  • Publish as Guest-Author
  • Become a Co-Author
  • Become a Partner / Sponsor

Publish as Guest-Author

As a Guest-Author you can just send us one or more article / papers via E-Mail and we will publish it for your under your full name and contact information. Publishing as a Guest-Author is the easiest way and a typical start into beeing an Author. Most of our articles are written by Guest-Authors.

Become a Co-Author

As a Co-Author you get an own Author Acciunt and you will be able to login our CMS and publish, edit and delete articles on your own. Co-Authors have to publish at least one time a month on this platform and in genereal every Co-Author starts as a Guest-Author.

Support as Partner / Sponsor

As a Partner or Sponsor you will be able to publish your professional articles and advertising articles on this platform. Your published articles will be highlighted as sponsored post.

Why should I publish a Guest-Article?

First of all, a guest article will make this Blog more interesting to other Data Scientists and persons with interest in Data Science or Big Data. Guest-articles will not be payed and with sending us an article will mean the you give us the right of usage of your written text and created images. So what is your benefit?

Of course, every article will be published under the full name and contact info of the Author. With an article, the Author shares information with other people, shows his knowledge of Data Science and his expertise. In other words, beeing an Author on this Blog will help your online reputation as Data Scientist or Big Data Expert. You can profile yourself as an expert and advertise yourself or your company.

Which kind or articles are possible?

There are three kinds of articles an Author can publish on this Blog:

Professional articles / papers – Objective, factual articles about technical topics
Tutorials – How-Tos about Data Science methods or tools
Interviews – Interviews between you and a person of interest

Who is allowed to publish as Guest-Author?

Basically everybody can be a Guest-Author of this Data Science Blog. Preferable are students and graduates with a special interest in Data Science and first experience in applying Data Science.

Which requirements do I have to fulfil for publishing an article?

  • good writing skills: First of all, the quality of your text should be appropriate.
  • benefit for the reader: Your article should be interesting for your reader target group.
  • Legality: Please respect and consider the copyright of text, pictures and videos. Do not use text passages or pictures you do not have the right to use!
  • No direct advertising: Of course you can link to your website in your signature and you can show your ability of doing data science in your article, but you should not advertise your company in the content area of your article. If you are interested in doing direct advertising there are several possibilities (e.g. a sponsored post), do not hesitate to get in touch with us!
  • Scope: For the content of your article we recommend a scope between 400 and 1200 words.

On last thing: The article will be published under your full name, no pseudonym.

How can I publish on Data Science Blog?

Just send us your topic idea or a draft to Your draft can be written in English, German or Chinese and you can send us your Open Office / MS Word Document or HTML-File.